In this video, Dr. Melissa Gratias reads an excerpt from her book, Set Goals…even if you’re not convinced you’ll achieve them.

Do you understand what happens AFTER you give or receive feedback?



Excerpt from Set Goals…even if you’re not convinced you’ll achieve them:

Feedback, at its most basic level, is simply information about your performance. By itself, feedback is powerless to impact you. In order for it to result in motivation toward change, you must (1) be dissatisfied with the feedback received, (2) believe that you have the ability to improve, and (3) set more goals. Therefore, the true power of feedback is its ability to show you that there is a difference between your actual versus desired performance and induce you to set goals to bridge that gap. Once goals are set, feedback gives you the information you need to determine where you stand in relation to your desired state. So, feedback can both induce as well as reinforce goal achievement.


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