Guest Post by Kathy Catlin Davis, attorney and entrepreneur

Do you ever find yourself doing things that just don’t make you happy? I know, I know… life isn’t picnic and money doesn’t grow on trees and all that. But seriously though, if you could create more satisfying work experiences for yourself — and ultimately for your clients, wouldn’t you?


In the last few months, I’ve said no a few times — even though it meant I was giving up the business. It reinforced what I already “knew” but apparently needed to learn again — by saying NO to something that doesn’t light you up, you create space to say YES to something that does.


It all started with a potential client. The person was referred to me by an existing client. The services she wanted were things I offer. But a few red flags popped up. First, the free initial consultation is scheduled for 15 minutes — and this is communicated by email via the online scheduler. This person took more than 25 minutes, despite me attempting to wrap up the call politely.


Then the person sent no less than 10 messages attempting to analyze the pricing for the services she requested — i.e. asking the same questions over and over (is this included? is that included?). Finally, she sent at least three messages asking me to compare my price quote to a competitor, and describe what services I included versus the other guy — all without actually providing me the quote.


In the end, I told the person I wasn’t sure we were the right fit and we went our separate ways. I could see down the road in this relationship, where the client constantly double and triple checked my advice — and I just didn’t want to sign up for that kind of headache.


I’ve also started saying no to all kinds of court-appointed work, largely to create some consistent blocks in my schedule to work with my other clients or to finish other projects.


The result? A month into being vigilant about what clients I decide to work with and how many appointments I am willing to accept, I am at InBox Zero. My ideal clients are getting faster service. My list is no longer woefully behind.


So what about you? What do you need to say no to in order to make space for something great?


With more that 20 years experience in various management roles, and 16 years as an attorney, Kathy Catlin Davis utilizes her skills and background to protect your intellectual property, support your success and to provide hands on assistance to create your dreams into reality.



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