When something happens a third time, you’ve got yourself a pattern.


I had a great time on my most recent trip to Volkswagen.  As has become my fun habit with these hard-working folks, I opened up the seminar by asking each person to offer their favorite productivity tip.


Here are the tips that these #ProductivitySuperheroes had to share:

  • “Be direct and honest…always.” ~Bob
  • “Start with your attitude. Then, make sure you write things down.” ~Hinton
  • “Prioritize! In the first 30 minutes of each day, knock off some small, easy tasks.” ~Natalia
  • “Visualize what you are trying to accomplish.” ~Hal
  • “Make a list. Keep it simple.” ~Sonya
  • “Do a quality check to avoid re-work.” ~Joseph
  • “Follow the five-minute rule: if something takes less than five minutes, do it now.” ~Brandon
  • “Be proactive, not reactive. Anticipate what can go wrong and plan accordingly.” ~J.D.
  • “Set expectations for the day. Make sure you do a good handoff with the night shift workers.” ~David
  • “Use a whiteboard to brainstorm projects and tasks.” ~Chris
  • “Use a Franklin Planner.” (a.k.a. Trapper Keeper!) ~Jeff B.
  • “Add reminders to emails.” ~Jeff J.
  • “Say “no” appropriately.” ~Austin
  • “Keep a weekly list of objectives.” ~Eric
  • “Write a daily to-do list.” ~Nina
  • “Use Outlook Tasks and block time on your calendar.” ~Matthew
  • “Divide big projects into small chunks and set deadlines.” ~Stephanie
  • “Plan your work. Plug in your headphones to maintain focus.” ~Miriam
  • “Listen to Five Finger Death Punch on your way into work.” ~Stephanie
  • “Practice good communication.” ~Patrick
  • “Plan your day but be flexible.” ~Lisa



This is a great list of tips, and I especially love the emphasis on planning your work. I also listened to Five Finger Death Punch during lunch that day and really liked what I heard. You just never know what productivity tips you’ll find helpful, right?

I salute these #ProductivitySuperheroes and look forward to my next visit to the plant.


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This article is a part of my #ProductivitySuperheroes series where I profile people who are exceptional at managing their time, tasks, information and/or life in general. If you’d like to nominate yourself or someone you admire, please email getproductive@melissagratias.com.



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