In this video, Dr. Melissa Gratias reads an excerpt from her book, ‘Corral Your To-Dos…and don’t rely on your brain – at all.

Is your to-do list overwhelming? Listen to Dr. Gratias as she expands on her concept of a “Today List.”

Excerpt from ‘Corral Your To-Dos…and don’t rely on your brain – at all:

You cannot make time, you can only allocate it.  There are 24 hours in day.  Without a Master to-do list, you may be allocating your available time in unproductive ways.  However, Master Lists can be lengthy.  Do you want to read down a long list of items on your Master List each time you begin a new task?  Probably not.  So how do you direct your efforts day-to-day without becoming overwhelmed?  Make a Today List.  A Today List is a subset of the items on the Master List that you have prioritized for that day. At the end of the day, you can look at your Today List and know what you accomplished and what you need to revisit tomorrow or on a future business day.

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Dr. Melissa Gratias, MBG Organizing SolutionsDr. Melissa Gratias (pronounced "Gracious") is a work psychologist who helps overwhelmed and underappreciated businesspeople be more focused and effective. Since 2007, thousands of people have graduated with honors from her onsite sessions, distance coaching, productivity seminars, and corporate consulting projects. Based in Savannah, Georgia, Melissa is available for nationwide consulting and speaking engagements. Contact her via email at or call 912-417-2505. Sign up for her free monthly e-newsletter or visit her website,

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