What planner system do you currently use? Are you diligent about using it? What changes, if any, would you like to make to your time management tactics?


In another post, we examined the pros and cons of paper planning systems, and I reviewed four paper planners on the market today.  This article will focus on some popular electronic planner systems.

Features of an Electronic Planner

Electronic planning systems…

  • Can be sorted, categorized, reprioritized and searched easily.
  • Can be shared – as appropriate – with your spouse, assistant, or workgroup.
  • Are backed up in case of accidental loss or damage to the unit (if you synchronize the data and back up appropriately).
  • Integrate well with other electronic systems such as email and contacts.
  • Have less functionality on the handheld versions as compared to the desktop/laptop applications


Electronic Options:

Outlook Calendar and Tasks ( – This is what I personally use and train many of my clients on because it is functional – if used correctly – available wherever Outlook is the mail system in place, and can be shared with other Outlook users.  I recommend Outlook for users who receive a high volume of email because emails can be easily converted into Tasks, Calendar items, or even Contacts.  Downsides to Outlook:  Tasks do not sync well with Androids and iPhones, and the Mac version has limited functionality.


Google ( – Google is famous for the ability to have your information in the cloud and therefore accessible to you anywhere there is an internet connection.  The calendar works much the same as other online calendars, but the functionality within Gmail to manage to-do items is limited unless it syncs with Outlook or another tool.


Remember the Milk ( – Works with most anything hand-held or in the cloud.  RTM is clean and easy-to-use.  Tasks can be grouped and reminders can come via email, text, and IM.  It integrates with Gmail and Outlook.


ToodleDo ( –ToodleDo has similar features as Remember the Milk.  A main benefit of ToodleDo is its ability to sync with Outlook Tasks in a robust manner – this is especially important if the user has an iPhone or Android that generally won’t “talk” to Outlook.


If you are looking for a cloud-based solution to share tasks within a team, you may want to consider HiTask ( or 5pm (  Both systems allow teams to track tasks, upload files, and report time spent.  HiTask is structured around David Allen’s GTD system (see November newsletter for details) and 5pm is geared toward managing projects.  I have trained teams on 5pm and recommend it highly.


If you need to keep your personal to-do items separate from your work priorities, you may want to consider Cozi (  On my Facebook page, the following information was posted in support of this app:  “It’s a shared family calendar, shopping list, journal, etc. – so when my husband is at the store, he just checks the app and can see the things I put on the list. Plus, he adds his business and personal commitments and I add mine so we can see everything in one place.”  Cozi will sync with Outlook Calendar if needed.


Please remember that a car is only as good as its driver.  No planner system anywhere will operate well without your daily intervention.  If you are feeling lost in planner-land, contact me and we will select and customize a time management system that will help you be at your professional best.


NOTE:  Some features have been updated since this post was written.  A more recent review is available here.


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