How can you have a more productive, rewarding day?

In this video, Dr. Melissa Gratias is interviewed by Brandon Lewis, Founder and Mentor-in-Chief at The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors and publisher of Painters Weekly, a magazine for painting contractors.  Melissa provides unique insights on habits and rituals and how they affect the productivity and success of small business owners.


She answers the following questions:

  1. I’d like to talk about your unique insights on Habits and Rituals and how they affect the productivity and success of small business owners like our subscribers. Talk about what a ritual is and how it is different from a habit.


  1. Melissa, you introduced me to five rituals that not only help owners have a more productive, rewarding day, but that also help them avoid routines that commonly lead to low-productivity and frustration.
    1. Start of the Day
    2. End of the Day
    3. Monthly Check Up
    4. Annual Goal Setting
    5. What do you recommend “Micro Rituals” for?


  1. So, there are certain things that make rituals work, and other things that derail them. What behaviors should we avoid?


  1. Talk about issues that we need to be attentive to and mitigate – what you call the “little liars.”


  1. Creating new rituals can seem daunting. What insights can you give us to help us get begin the process without becoming overwhelmed?


  1. Let’s do a little exercise. Procrastination is something all small business owners struggle with – painters in particular – what are steps for creating effective Micro Ritual to overcome procrastination?


  1. This has been very, very insightful. Do you have any closing remarks you’d like to share?


  1. Melissa, you’ve been so very, very kind with your time. Tell folks how they can find more of your resources or reach out to you?

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