Seraphina Does EVERYTHING!

Seraphina wants to do it all.

And she does! From soccer to ballet to French club, her schedule is jam-packed. There are so many options and doors to walk through in life, and Seraphina doesn’t want to miss a thing!

So, if Seraphina is doing all the things she wants to do, why does she feel so blue? With help from her dad, Seraphina discovers that in trying to do everything, she is missing out on her favorite things.

Crazy Productive:

Tools to Keep You Sane in the Irrational World of Work

Do you need a fast fix to improve your productivity? Check out these 30-minute guides that walk you through common productivity pitfalls and the essential steps to overcome them. 

Set Goals

…even if you’re not convinced you’ll achieve them

Love Your Calendar

…and be monogamous

Corral Your To-Dos

…and don’t rely on your brain – at all

Establish Rituals

…you deserve a few minutes of control

Reduce Interruptions

…you don’t have to be a victim

Conquer Your Email Today

…because there is no tomorrow

I need them all!!

The Crazy Productive eBook series is designed to help you prioritize, address time challenges, and master your information. It does so in manageable sections that allow you to pause and apply each lesson in progressive steps.  Buy the series and you will receive all six books (120+ pages of content) at a discounted price.