Accountants & Financial Professionals Testimonials

I wanted to thank you for sitting with me and to let you know that the next day I took the plunge and deleted over 3K emails. I now have less than 2K in my inbox and they are all related to the last 5 months.  I am working on them also.

Financial Analyst

Melissa Gratias is the office-mate we all need. ​Melissa had me change the way I was thinking about tasks, and streamlined the roughly 400 processes/softwares I had to keep up with deadlines, projects, etc. However, she also did a review of my big picture at work to make better use of my staff. We worked on the proper means of collaboration and delegation. My staff is more empowered, and I don’t have as much work on my desk. I cannot recommend her enough.

Melanie O., Director of Taxation

I’m so glad I got the chance to work with you – it has been a huge benefit to my organization at work and has even inspired some reorganization at home. I am fully using the task feature in Outlook now as my sole task system. It’s working great and I can definitely see productivity increases.

Operational Analyst

26 in my inbox —- prefer less than 10….I am a changed man!

Chief Financial Officer

I have always considered myself an organized person. However, I was not organized in an effective and efficient manner. Now, my Inbox is nearly empty at any given point during the day. I have really benefited from Melissa’s assistance and training on utilizing the Tasks function in Outlook. Making changes to my paper filing system has also improved my efficiency.  I have never been so organized and efficient in my 20 year plus career.


Melissa Gratias has worked with me, my partner, and our staff over the past 6 months. She has done an outstanding job of guiding us to have a far more organized office and system of work flow. I could make no higher recommendation of anyone than I make of Dr. Gratias. She will cost those working with her nothing compared to the money she will save them.

Financial Planner

“How do you feel your 13 scheduling systems and to-do lists are working for you?” This was one of the first observations/questions asked when Melissa Gratias spent 4 hours in my office evaluating the current way I managed my daily tasks and activities. Enlisting her services was easily the smartest thing I did in 2016, and it continues to pay significant dividends. She simplified/streamlined my daily task management, which has resulted in better client service and more closed business. I cannot recommend her consulting service enough.

Bob McWilliams

I just finished tax season, and wanted to let you know how much you helped me. I just received about three to four emails for post tax season work. It was so easy to add them to my task list with a due date and reminder. No need to worry that I’ve forgotten something. It’s all there. I did that throughout tax season. Thank you.

John Vandaveer, Partner