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So, just exactly what IS a productivity psychologist?

Don’t bother Googling “productivity psychologist.”  I totally made it up.  Here’s why.  First, I am an actual psychologist.  I have my doctorate in industrial/organizational psychology (yes, you can Google that).  Second, I am passionate about productivity.  Not unnaturally obsessed, just passionate. 

Productivity, when linked to balanced goals and a system of values, helps us be the people we want to be.  Psychology is the study of individual differences.  How does this play out in my work?  It is my job to help you find the optimal productivity tools for your personality, preferred work style, and professional environment.

Do you want to…

  • Manage your email instead of letting it manage you?
  • Feel calmer and more in control of your day?
  • Find what you need on your computer and shared electronic servers?
  • Know how to keep the paper from piling up in your office?
  • Get more done in less time at work?
  • Delegate and follow-up with your team effectively?
  • Maximize the productivity of your support staff?
  • Bill more time?

My clients are successful business owners, executives, managers, and attorneys who want to be more organized and effective at work.

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What fun to work with a psychologist who teaches people how to simplify office life and task management! I think everyone who works at a desk needs that sort of training when they begin their job, haha. Would save years of accumulation!

~V. Sauder, President

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